The 3rd International Conference of Biotechnology and Environment 
September 5-7 2018

 This event was organized by SROmedia Founders  

Keynote session

Prof. Dr. Yangho Kim
University of Ulsan College of Medicine, Ulsan, South Korea

Changes of Blood Heavy Metal Concentrations in Pregnant Women and Children in Korea

Dr. Heba A. Gomaa
Barley Research Department, Agriculture Research Center, Egypt

A Future Perspective in Crop Protection: Chitosan and its Oligosaccharides

 Session one

Dr. Sherihan M. El-amin
Plant protection research institute, Agriculture Research Center, Egypt

The response of the Mediterranean fruit fly, Ceratitiscapitata (Wied.) (Diptera:Tephritidae) males to trimedlure diluted with some of the fixed oils

Dr. Ola Mohamed Mahmoud
Interior architecture department, Faculty of fine arts, Alexandria University, Egypt

Form-Finding Patterns of Bacteria Growth in Parametric Design

Dr. Ahmed F.K. Mohamed
A New Method To Detect IDH1 Synonymous SNP 105 C >T (rs11554137)

Molecular Biology department, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Research Institute (GEBRI), University of Sadat City, Sadat City, Egypt

Session two​​

Dr. Dalia Yacout
Institute of Graduate Studies and Research, Alexandria University, Egypt

Promoting usage of life cycle assessment as a tool for sustainable development