The 8th International Conference of Biotechnology,
Environment and Engineering Sciences (ICBE8)
Stockholm, Sweden 18  October 2020 
Online event 

Opening session

Keynote session

 Mutation Effect of Chemical Mutagen Ethymthane sulfonate (EMS) on Some Local Yeasts

Dr. Badia Abdul Razzak Malla Obaida, (Iraq)
College of Science/ Biology Department/ University of Mosul

On-site detection of saliva-alcohol as a function of blood alcohol concentration using colorimetric biosensor based on deposited Chromium (VII) Oxide Nanoparticles on filter paper

Dr. Jalal N. Jeber (Iraq)
Universities of Baghdad, College of Science, Department of Chemistry, Baghdad

Health behavior evaluation in women with multiple pregnancies

Dr. Alaa Ibrahim Ali (Iraq)
Al-Mustansiriyah University / College of Medicine / Department of Obstetrics &Gynecology. Iraq- Baghdad

Antifungal Effectiveness of Different Denture Cleansing Methods

Dr. Asmaa A. Abdulkadir (Iraq)
Collage of Dentistry / University of Mosul

Glyphosate Degradation by four Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) detected in HPLC assay

Dr. Nibal Kh. Mousa (Iraq)
Remediation Pollutants Center, Environment and Water Directorate, Ministry of Science and Technology, Baghdad

The effect of prealbumin on liver in rheumatoid arthritis in Iraqi patient

Dr. Alaa A. Abdulrazzaq (Iraq)
AL-Rasheed University college

Groundwater recharge estimation in semi-arid zone: a study case from the region of Tebessa (Algeria)

Dr. Amel Hibia (Algérie)
Laboratoire environnement et ressources minérales et énergétiques dans l’Est Algérien, Université Larbi Tebessi, Tébessa

A Numerical computation of airflow over Iraq regions

Dr. Wedyan Ghalib Nsaif (Iraq)
Atmospheric Science Department, College of Sciences, Mustansiriyah University

The Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic Thread on Agriculture Sector

Dr. Ahasan Ullah Khan (Bangladesh)
Climate-Smart Agriculture Lab, Department of Agroforestry and Environmental Science, Faculty of Agriculture, Sylhet Agricultural University

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 Seaweed Growth Detection in Aquaculture Environment Using Simple Linear Iterative Clustering Method

Mr. Çağdaş Doğan (Turkey)
Department of Innovative Applications Design and Development, Netaş Telecommunications Inc. Co.

Great benefits of Conocarpus erectus

Dr. Wafaa Mohamed Masoud El Faras   (Egypt)
Faculty of Agriculture, Alexandria University